Top 5 Ways for New Parents to Decompress Without Baby

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So as new parents we finally get a moment alone without baby, as much as we love the little thing, and we can’t think of anything to do besides go to movie or dinner. Or maybe we want to scale back the high hopes of taking a helicopter ride over the city or going for a 6 hour horse-ride through the Hollywood Hills.There are so many options to decompress as a couple during an emotionally and physically taxing time in life, and they’re really not that hard to find.Here are a few ideas that you can implement almost anywhere (unless you live in an igloo of course, in which case, why would you leave?).
Top 5 Ways for New Parents to Decompress Without Baby

2Go Fishing

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Fishing is fun, whether you actually catch fish or not.It’s an adventure, getting the right bait for the right fish, getting fishing poles, setting everything up, heading to the river or lake, sitting on the bank or getting in the boat – it’s always a good time.Reconnecting while getting everything prepared, and then just sitting and waiting is a great way to bring the world to a sort of standstill, where all that matters is your immediate surroundings.

When the time comes to spend a moment together alone without baby, it’s important to do whatever both of you like to reconnect and feel relaxed.Every couple has different preferences – some like dinner and a movie, some like bungee jumping.Some like both in the same day!So just gauge how both of you feel, and work together to find what will bring you most pleasure.

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